My Every day Lifestyle In NORTH KOREA (MYSTERIOUS 7 Day Trip)

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UPDATE – a person calendar year just after checking out North Korea I traveled to South Korea and designed a video evaluating my experiences in equally of these two nations around the world. View it here:

I have usually been pretty intrigued in North Korea because it seemed to be a person of the most distinctive and mysterious nations around the world in the complete globe. This is my working day to working day daily life throughout the 7 times that I invested in North Korea. You can never be guaranteed whether items ended up staged or not in North Korea because you are only revealed what they want you to see. You won’t be able to pick out where by or when you will be likely to unique areas, they basically tell you to hop on a bus and inquire you to get off at a person stage or a different.

That is why I failed to want to supply my impression about whether items ended up staged or not, whether they ended up excellent or not, or sincere or not. My goal was to exhibit you what my working day to working day daily life appeared like when I was there and permit you make up your own head and decide for you.

Do not decide North Korea only from what you see in this video. This is what they confirmed us and there’s a rationale they exhibit some items and not exhibit the others. Also, understanding how a great deal management they work out more than the population, every thing could have been staged only for us.

My preferred publications about North Korea:

Pricey Chief by Jang Jin Sung –
Escape From Camp fourteen by Blaine Harden –
Practically nothing To Envy by Barbara Demick –
1984 by George Orwell (I could not imagine how equivalent some items in North Korea appeared to the types in the guide) –

Video clips about North Korea:

10 Times in North Korea Documentary:–To414I
Escape From North Korea TED Talk:




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20 thoughts on “My Every day Lifestyle In NORTH KOREA (MYSTERIOUS 7 Day Trip)

  1. north korea is a good representation of how every nation looked like before rothschilds took over any country's banks. they were all peaceful, but nowadays, in every country people are divided, but not in north korea.

  2. As korean, I want to see united korea before my children are born. Most korean teenagers don't think about korean war carefully because south korea became rich country. As korean teenager, I want most korean teenager to know about our parents and gtandparents' effort…

  3. 12:45 "Our guide wouldn't tell us where we where going. It was a surprise." Being in North Korea and they take you to a surprise destination, after taking off your passport.. I would be slightly scared 😀 But honestly a very interesting movie. A bit too risky for me though. Such a trip has too many possibilities to go wrong. I also think this video is compared to reality way too positive. Other viewers should not mistake NK for a peaceful place. There are many not so good but compulsory things that the people go through there.

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